Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Eyes on the Back of My Head

When teaching art to high schoolers one has to keep a delicate balance between hovering too much, and not giving any instruction at all.  For instance, some art teachers like to just get out the materials and let the students have at it, while others will practically do everything for the student.  I try my best to be somewhere in between.  Which means after I walk my rounds and meet each student individually while they're working I return to my post at the front of the classroom and watch.  You would think I could direct my energies to something productive, but as soon as I get the grade books out, or attempt to reorganize the filing cabinet, 10 students all need something at once.  So what ends up happening is I doodle while the students work.  That way I can keep my mind occupied and remain available to my students' needs.  It's weird I get a kind of spidey sense when I am doodling.  My eyes are on the paper but the rest of my senses are exploring the classroom.  I think I am finally getting the teacher characteristic of having "eyes on the back of the head."  Click here to read an article that explains this sensation. 

I dunno, but here is an example of one of my doodles:

A future comic book character perhaps?  It's funny, I am always drawing gritty street characters who drink and smoke.  I do neither of those things, nor can I remember the last time I was in a bar.  I guess I act out my alter ego with paper and pen.

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