Saturday, March 27, 2010

Character Design

Below are some of my latest character designs. Perhaps for a comic, or video game.

You might be asking: Why hot woman gladiators? When you should be asking: Why not hot woman gladiators?

Pencil roughs, colored in photoshop CS3

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sketch Book

For the past two days my students have been taking the CAHSEE exam. Which means I have to spend the entire day proctoring the test.

It's slow for a teacher to watch students take a test so while the students are trying to decide which answer to bubble in, I get to doodle in my sketchbook. I keep a little watercolor set near by so I can color my drawings if I feel the need, it's great practice, and it's great letting the mind wander.

Oh I should mention that I never draw the students.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

One thing leads to another

I have been a complete homebody this weekend. Just holed up in my studio drawing. I cut some branches from my Orange tree and brought them to my drafting table. Then I found a nice piece of cold press illustration board and started doodling the branches. Which lead to this girl's face, and then a wolf. It's funny, I wasn't thinking about little red riding hood but I guess that's the direction I ended up going. One thing leads to another.

It was nice doing a big drawing (20x30"). Just letting myself get lost in the scratching sound of the pencil, and letting my worries drift away. Next I added watered down acrylics for some soft color, and sealed the pencil with gloss.

I love what happened, I think it looks like a old faded photograph, yet it's not finished yet. Too bad my digital camera messed up the color balance.

Ugh, back to work tomorrow.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Sketch Book

Whenever I have a spare moment I draw and paint in my super rad moleskine watercolor sketchbook. Sometimes I hit gold and I feel like a genius. Below is some of my latest:

This is a random pirate chick. More often than not I am drawing pirates, because pirates are cool. Arrrgh!
I did this one while I was covering a Spanish class during my conference (I'm an Art teacher if you haven't been keeping up). The teacher left a depressing movie about a civil war in El Salvador for the students to watch. I wasn't really paying attention to the movie because it was in Spanish, yet I did notice the plot revolved around little kids getting shot by angry soldiers.
I don't know what this is, I must have been trippin' or something.
A quick architectural sketch of my future house.
I was watching a documentary about Valentino when I made this one.
I drew this one of Nicole being overwhelmed by fashion magazines at Barnes and Nobles.

Life Drawing

To keep my skills keen I try and draw from life as much as possible. There is something about drawing people that helps keep your abilities sharp. So last night I went to the life drawing session at CSULB. Unfortunately it was "student night." Which means there isn't a professional model, and students are supposed to draw each other. I dislike student night for two reasons; firstly, because students suck at modeling, and secondly, everyone is expected to take a turn modeling.
To make matters worse I am not currently enrolled in a life drawing class at CSULB so I come off as a total creepy stranger because everyone knows everyone except for me. Whatever, I figured I dragged all my drawing stuff up campus so I might as well get some drawing in. And I shouldn't really complain, I was getting a chance to draw people for free. Yet, I am going to complain anyway (it's my blog after all).

Here is some of the drawings with commentary:

This girl looked as if she was constipated. I mean come on, can you look up a little? Or at least not as if you are about to be executed?

This girl chose a position of maximum comfort, which always makes for a boring pose (unless the model is gorgeous and naked). Furthermore, I should mention; girls who cut their hair short shouldn't come to student night because they are in serious danger of being drawn boyish.
This pose wasn't too bad, but she didn't keep her eyes open. Plus she was the hottest girl of the night, so when she was finished posing all the guys left (without taking their turn posing).
This is an example of the token older lady hanging out with all the college students. I guess I shouldn't talk because I already graduated, but hey at least I'm under 60. Again, an example of the maximum comfort pose with closed eyes and cropped hair.
This pose was okay, at least she kept her eyes slightly open. However, she does look like she is on her way to the firing squad.
Unfortunately, I do not have an example of myself posing. So I will describe to you in words how I posed: Instead of taking the maximum comfort pose, I made the effort and posed standing up in a contrapposto position with my eyes open. I mean if I am going to pose, I am going to look good. Not as if I am a prisoner of war.

I just don't know about these lazy art students. . .pssh what a waste of time.

Post-It People

These are some little sketches of random people on post-its. It's a kind of brain teaser for me to draw people on post-its through out the day. I don't know where the faces come from. Perhaps they come from my subconscious memories of faces I have seen in crowds, or maybe on TV. I try to make them realistic and recognizable. . .If only I knew who they were. They are strangers from my mind I guess.

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