Sunday, March 14, 2010

One thing leads to another

I have been a complete homebody this weekend. Just holed up in my studio drawing. I cut some branches from my Orange tree and brought them to my drafting table. Then I found a nice piece of cold press illustration board and started doodling the branches. Which lead to this girl's face, and then a wolf. It's funny, I wasn't thinking about little red riding hood but I guess that's the direction I ended up going. One thing leads to another.

It was nice doing a big drawing (20x30"). Just letting myself get lost in the scratching sound of the pencil, and letting my worries drift away. Next I added watered down acrylics for some soft color, and sealed the pencil with gloss.

I love what happened, I think it looks like a old faded photograph, yet it's not finished yet. Too bad my digital camera messed up the color balance.

Ugh, back to work tomorrow.


Feed Me I'm Cranky said...

This drawing is amazing! I love it

ANDROID said...


Pretty soon I will be offering prints of my work.

So it could be yours!!!!


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