Monday, September 6, 2010

What Happened?

Today I have been fiddling around in photoshop.  First I scanned in a charcoal drawing of this dude smoking a cigarette.  I used charcoal opposed to pencil because charcoal can be scanned as black and white, yet unlike ink you still get that pencil "feel."  Then I found some colored paper and scanned that in too.  In shop, I cut out the shapes from the scanned paper, and layered them below the charcoal drawing.  It's a pretty cool technique because you get some great textures from the scanned paper.  Next time I should try fabrics.

The benefit of this technique is it's a nice break from using the default colors in photoshop, which are boring.  

I was going for sixties cool, but the colors I chose ended up looking pretty 80s.  I'll have to experiment more.

Below is a test I did earlier to see how well charcoal scans. 

1 comment:

Anna See said...

sounds like a technique I employ too :) It's fun. And, you actually can scan in pencil in black/white....just check the grayscale option when scanning in the image, then you can play with the levels in Photoshop to make it more high contrast black and white.

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