Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Bobcat in the Morning

This drawing was inspired by all the time I've been spending in the San Bernardino mountains.  I've been going up almost every weekend lately.  It's a nice change from the hustle of the city.
Projects have been going very well in my classroom and I find myself working with the students.  Whenever I'm not giving instruction I'm able to sneak over to my desk and methodically draw the vegetation from memory.  With only little pockets of time to work in it takes me days to complete a drawing like the one below.
I had only planned to draw a small doodle but it happily became a scrawling landscape of scrub trees and rocks.  For the bobcat I had to look up reference, and the rabbit I added at the last second.  I wanted to add color but unfortunately the paper I used is not robust enough to take media.  Instead I've scanned the drawing into the computer and I plan on painting it with photoshop.

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