Sunday, October 25, 2009


This is a ruff drawing for a digital painting I am working on entitled "Sleep." For three weeks I have been craving sleep. Between work, school, and my personal goals I have been unable to get enough Zs, and through most of the day sleep tugs on me, pulling at my eye lids, and weighing heavily on my muscles. It takes all my will power and lots of coffee to stay half awake.

Last night I was driving home late and I had this vision of a woman pulling a shroud over me, beckoning me to close my eyes and dream. . . It seemed so peaceful, and yet spooky (especially since I was driving!). In any case I thought it would make a great image. So I want to make a digital painting from this idea, but I may end up doing a traditional painting in oils, or acrylic, or with luck both. Right now I just have composition sketches. Stay tuned for the finished work. :)

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