Sunday, December 6, 2009

Hanging out at Uncle Andy's House

As a kid I used to go to my Uncle Andy's to practice drawing. My uncle Andy is a great artist, and I received my first drawing lessons from him when I was 10. Tonight, my girlfriend Nicole and me had dinner with him and his wife Jeanie. I hadn't been over to his place in years, and it was great hanging out with him and talking about art.

His wife Jeanie makes killer egg rolls.

Andy and Jeanie have some really cute Dachshunds and I couldn't resist drawing them. And neither could Andy, so there we were sitting on the sofa, stuffed full of egg rolls, sketching wiener dogs and talking art. . . Great times.

The dogs' names are Max and Buddy. Unfortunately, I didn't draw them together, and I could barely tell them apart so who knows which one is which in these drawings.

This is what they look like when they beg for food.

Graphite, and Prisma gray markers on paper, approximately 4x6"

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