Friday, April 13, 2012

Ipod Doodles on the Plane

On the flight home I used the Brushes app on my Ipod Touch to create these doodles.  I'm always jealous of other illustrator's blogs.  It seems whenever other illustrators travel on planes they find time to make these amazing gesture drawings of people walking around, or still lifes of their lunch, or of the planes...etc.  After hauling my luggage, practically taking my clothes off for security, and jamming into a plane, I can't seem to bring myself to draw in my sketchbook.  Just getting it out of my backpack seems like a major endeavor when you have a four year old kicking you in the seat behind you, and a two year old slobbering your left shoulder in the seat next to you.  I'm starting to hate plane travel I think.  

Anyway, these Ipod doodles are the best I could manage.

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