Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Cowboy, Ugg Boots, and a Righteous Mullet at the Getty

Yesterday I went to the Getty Center with my fiancee Nicole. The Rembrandt drawings were interesting, but what was even more interesting were the people. Whenever I go to a public place I make it my mission to capture the most interesting people in my sketchbook.

It was a chilly night, and more than half of the women there were wearing Ugg Boots. Ugg boots will never go out of style it seems.

There was a chubby cowboy who was totally engrossed by some 17th century paintings.

And I was even able to speed draw a guy with the most righteous mullet I have ever seen while waiting for the tram to take us back to parking garage. It was a successful evening of art and people watching at the Getty Center.

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