Sunday, January 17, 2010

Stolen moments

Throughout the busy day I find myself doodling on whatever is available, I try to keep post-its near by for this purpose. The ideas come to me in free form, and often I do not know what I am drawing until I am almost finished. Below are examples of sketches I make during stolen moments.

These watercolors are a little more than a sketch on a post-it, but essentially made through the same process of doodling. Some of my best ideas I think up when I am not trying to, and doodling during the free moments between busy hours helps me be more creative. While doing these watercolors I thought of a great way to approach a project I am working on; a children's book that I am having a lot of trouble visualizing. But that is another post. For now, doodle away!

1 comment:

sharleen higa said...

Wow... I think the Post-its idea is really cool. I could imagine this being an awesome book (a travelogue would be interesting) or gallery project. I'd love to see more of these as you make them!

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