Sunday, January 10, 2010

Strange days, and Frustrating Follies

Whew, it has been a busy couple of days, and it's not over yet. Moving to a new place is never easy, but I think I am especially lousy at moving. I don't think I would ever make it as a nomad. The good part is I love my new place. It's a little two bedroom in Lakewood. However, everything that can go wrong has gone wrong for me during the move. Except for my internet installation, thank you Verizon for being prompt and efficient.

Anyway, I haven't put up any artwork for a while so I thought I would show what I have been sketching for the past two weeks.

My Fiancée's dog Jack makes for a good model when he is sleepy.
I was thinking about making a painting that incorporated sparrows, below are some of my studies. Sparrows are pretty tricky to capture, being small and fast. I like sparrows because they are small, but very feisty, I don't think they realize how small they are. A passerby may never notice two sparrows fighting, but to the sparrows it is a matter of life and death. Life is made up of small battles, and one could lose perspective very easily. The trials of everyday life are small when compared to the big picture.

I had to go to Pine Street in Downtown Long Beach two weeks ago to pay the deposit and sign the lease for my new place. Getting there a little early gave me time to draw some of the people walking by the coffee shop. It was a beautiful Long Beach morning, the streets were still wet and the light was golden. Everything was quiet. I was amazed at how nice downtown Long Beach looked, I hadn't been there in a while. Between drawing and sipping coffee a homeless man asked me if I knew where the Norstroms was, and that sent my mind wandering. Why would he want to know where Norstroms is? And then I started making little stories up in my head. Maybe he is on a cross country journey to find his long lost daughter, and he has a clue that she works at a Norstroms in Long Beach. But he probably just wants to return a shirt. . .Oh well.
If you have ever moved you know that boxes of junk can pile up very quickly. My living room is full of them and I am dreading unpacking.
I did the drawing below last night while waiting to get picked up from the Sears auto center. Urrgh. Yesterday I was driving up to my new place and I realized the right front tire of my truck was making a strange flapping metallic sound. There was a metal cylinder thingy (looked like the inside of some kind of bearing) stuck in my tire. And the tire was losing air quickly. So I called AAA. The Giant who got out of the tow truck and put on the spare was very polite and he refused to let me even put the flat in the bed of the truck. Explaining there was no use in me getting dirty.
Anyway, I took my truck to sears to fix the flat, pulled into the garage shut my truck off. Then, the service men couldn't get the truck restarted! Something is broken in the steering column making the electrical connection impossible. I really hope sears can fix it because there aren't many places open on a Sunday. So, I am waiting impatiently for their call.

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