Thursday, April 15, 2010

When in Utah do as the Utahns do

It was my intention to blog about my spring break adventures in Utah days ago, but it is always hard when coming home from an extended vacation to get reorganized. You know how it is; there’s a huge pile of bills, the lawn is three feet tall, and everything is fuzzy and snarling in the fridge.

I got back Monday and it is now Thursday and I have finally gotten my act together enough to get to the things that are really important to me: My blog.

Utah has gotten a bad rap, and nearly everyone I talk to has nothing but nasty things to say about it. Most of it has to do with Mormons, or about not being able to get real booze.

Now I will admit that if your thing is night clubbing, then Utah isn’t the place for you. However, if your thing is good ol American pass times like hiking, skiing, shooting Guns, and not shopping on Sundays, then there is no better place in all the world.

Lucky for me I love skiing, and even luckier for me it just happened to snow a bit while I was there.

My girlfriend Nicole wasn't thrilled about the snow during Spring break, she would have much rather gone somewhere with sun, below is a picture of her Mustang, which I refer to as the Blue Bomber.

Here is a picture of yours truly shredding the slopes with perfect form. . .
Even with all the snow, and Easter festivities with my family (see my Sister's blog, at full capacity) I still found time to draw. Interestingly enough there was a Life Science Museum near where I was staying, and It was chalk full with hundreds of taxidermy animals!

There are numerous benefits to drawing taxidermy animals over animals at the zoo. For one they hold very still in dynamic poses, unlike Zoo animals who just lay there lazily in the sun with flies buzzing around them.

A father who was touring the museum with his son, Dexter, found this particular lion to be really scary. And the father kept asking his son Dexter what he would do if he was attacked by various animals while I was trying to draw:
"Ooooooo Dexter! What would you do if that Lion jumped out and got ya?! OOOOoooooo what about that one, you wouldn't have a chance against that one. . ."
Yes there was a full sized stuffed male Elephant. Taxidermy is an amazing art in its self.
I do not envy the taxidermist who mounted this porcupine. . .

Later Dexter's father walked up to me and told me he had seen me drawin,' so I flipped through my sketchbook to show him some of the animals I was working on. When he saw the Water Buffalo he said, and I quote: "That's beautiful right there." He may have been wearing a mesh trucker's hat, but his remark made me feel proud.

Just keeping busy out there in the wild west.

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