Friday, April 30, 2010

Zombie Ben Franklin

This week in class my students have been taking the STAR exam. So instead of the normal 90 minute block, students are given 3 hours to finish the test. Of course my students always finish early so that means a lot of down time. Unfortunately, I am not allowed to show movies (school policy), and the students are in no mood to study. Which means I have to be creative.

One thing I like to do is let the students challenge me with different things to draw. It's great practice because I never know what they'll ask for, and I have to draw fast or I will lose their interest. I draw under a Doc-Cam that projects an image on the screen, and students can watch the picture develop. It's a lot of fun, and it's a chance for me to really show off. If you have never drawn in front of a crowd, I'll tell you it's a real adrenaline rush for an artist. It's "extreme drawing."

Below are two examples of the types of things high schoolers ask for.

Zombie Benjamin Franklin
Here's a detail of his face. GROSS!
And the Predator.
Luckily the students always ask for stuff I'm good at drawing.

Oh no! Does that mean I am an artist stuck in his adolescence?!

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